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Register to panda

How to monetize your script and earn money ?
To register to panda you will need a working roblox hub and a discord server
First go to , page should look like this :
Kinda hot nah ?
Then click into the register here button as shown there
This one
It will lead you to the registration form. Fill with your email, username (for login) and password. There is no forgot password feature yet so be careful on choosing your password.
Once all filled , press the Submit button.It should redirects you to login page.
There we go
Enter your registered informations there , once all done it should redirects u to this
Name this is just a display name, identifier is the service name which is going to be used for the get key page , you can put your hub name there and discord url is the permanent link of your discord server invite , no expiration. Once all done click submit button and this should appear
You will have to wait for an approval.I'll recommand you to join the discord server by pressing the button.